Lab Members

Lab Members

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Binyam Mogessie  Wellcome Trust and Royal Society Sir Henry Dale Fellow
Group Leader  
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Kathleen Scheffler Wellcome Trust Postdoctoral Research Associate  
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Tom Lemonnier HFSP Postdoctoral Research Associate  
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Sam Dunkley  Wellcome Trust PhD Student  
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Federica Giannini Wellcome Trust PhD Student
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Sabrina Ghadaouia Postdoctoral Research Associate

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Past members

Maria Papafoti ESHRE Visiting Student

Jules Fouraux Erasmus Student

Elanor Brooks  Wellcome Trust Biomedical Vacation Student  

Kate Morling  Society for Reproduction and Fertility Summer Vacation Student

Imogen Nichols  Summer Vacation Student

Alicia Pilcher  MSci Student

Nina Webb  Biochemical Society Summer Vacation Student