Sam Dunkley

Sam Dunkley Wellcome Trust PhD Student


I am a first year Dynamic Molecular Cell Biology Wellcome Trust PhD student in Binyam’s lab. I completed my undergraduate BSc in Cancer Biology & Immunology at the University of Bristol. My research centred around alterations in chromatin state within a model of cancer stem cells, after treatment with a novel therapeutic. I then moved to undertake a research masters in Oncology at the University of Oxford, where I investigated a role for telomeric transcription in a unique subset of cancers employing the Alternative Lengthening of Telomeres pathway (ALT).
Rotating in Binyam’s lab is a fantastic opportunity to hone molecular skills completely novel to me, whether that be complex live imaging, microinjection or the basics of oocyte investigation. I’m eager to learn the molecular mechanism at play throughout meiosis and therefore understand the perturbations that lead to chromosomal segregation abnormalities. Particularly, I would be interested in exploring the resulting DNA damage and consequent DNA Damage Response (DDR) in oocytes with chromosome segregation errors.