Jules Fouraux

Jules Fouraux Erasmus Student


I started my university journey with the study of medicine, at the Grenoble-Alpes University, in 2015. As soon as I entered my second year, I took advantage of my Faculty’s  Early MD-PhD program to gain experience in scientific research. I took this opportunity because I am deeply convinced that research in biology and medicine are complementary. Thanks to this program, I was able to validate in 2019 both my Bachelor’s degree of medicine and a Master 1 degree in Health Engineering. I then decided to take a gap year in my medical school, to pursue in Master 2 degree in genetics at the University of Paris.

Passionated by reproductive and developmental biology since my entrance in the biomedical field, I wanted to make my 6 months-Master’s internship in relation to the understanding of fertility pathologies. Joining the Mogessie Lab is for me the chance to study for 6 months the amazing process of meiosis, understanding of which is absolutely crucial if we want to extend our knowledge of fertility and continuously improve ART technologies.